Should alternatives to evolution theory be taught?

You will write an argumentative essay, one that will argue whether alternatives to evolution theory need to be taught in public schools or not. Read volume 15, issue 27 (July 29, 2005) of the CQ Researcher (Congressional Quarterly Researcher) paying particular attention to the “pro/con” debate on page 653.Should alternatives to evolution theory be taught? One side says yes, the other side says no.Choose which side of the argument you agree with and argue, in YOUR essay, why you support that side. Do not take the middle road—you must choose a side. Your essay needs to be between 1000-1200 words telling whether or not alternatives to evolutionary theory should be taught in public schools. Your essay needs to be double-spaced, with a title. IF you are using MLA, your name, the course number, my name (Dr. Jones) and the date need to be in the upper left hand corner of your submission. If you are using APA, you need a title page and a running header. Do not use contractions, the word “you” in your essay or the words “a lot.”Use two documented sources from books or journals found only in the LSUA library. One documented source can be the CQ Researcher. The Purdue University OWL site will show you how to cite sources in a Works Cited or a References page.
I have articles in PDF to support my stance
The article must be in MLA format.
The pro and con section that pertains to the assignment is on page 652 in the PDF