Simon Property Group strategic management plan

Develop a professional strategic management plan for the company: Simon Property GroupDRAFT # 1 of 32. Profile of the corporation2.1 Mission, vision, strategic goals and KPIs (key performance indicators)2.1.1 What are the mission, vision and values of the company? How they can be improved?  Are current corporate actions in line with the mission/vision?2.2 Resources2.2.1 What kind of resources the firm has? Are those resources Valuable, Rare, Inimitable, and Non-substitutable (VRIN)?
When applied. *provide resources that will support your statement when available it should be 11 pts, Times New Roman, the double spaced and standard margin in Wordskeep it simple, short , get rhythm, organize, use appropriate heading and subheadings, precision, logical consistency, rigor and toughness, integrate analysis with business strategies.