SMART GOALS – S: Specific and observable behavior M: Measurable how many,

S: Specific and observable behavior
M: Measurable how many, how long, how much
A: Attainable with the resources available i.e. books, money, time
R: Relevant to your vocational goal, or personal growth
T: Trackable by dates, process, etc.
To learn and practice pastoral care.
– Connect more with people those who are sick (physically or spiritually) or in needs
– Observe and communicate specific needs and pray
– I’ve sent Bible verses, short Devotion via text and email 2 times a week focused on one person
– I’ll focus more people and send card, text, and email at least 2 times a week
– Visit one person once every 2 weeks
– read articles about pastoral care
– Choose a Scripture, song, or inspirational quotation
– read a daily devotional book
– Ability to interact constructively, strengthening my spiritual development.
– develop communication skills and to become more adaptable
– Keeping a journal to record progress made.
– to do list template
To learn the mission of the church through community involvement.
– spread God’s word and Love
– dedicate 3 hours weekly at a local community CCATE
– teaching piano for 2 and half hours and help afterschool activities for about 30 minuets
– introducing Hymn
“Jesus Loves Me” refrain with Sign Language
– supply materials like piano book and printed worksheet.
– develop approaching skills
– preparing them for the future by their faith in God
– Keeping a journal to record progress made.
– I will have time to talk with Charlotte biweekly
To seek support from women
Interview women leaders /
Women Support Group
– I want individuals to recognize that ministers are individuals chosen by God and not it’s just men who can become pastors. God can still use women and especially women of color in the role of a pastor or a minister of the Gospel.
– Interview with 3 women pastors
– organize women’s support group and meet in person 2 times a month
– will be joining Asian Women’s Ministry Prayer Meeting on 3/12/22
– engaging dialog their story
– share prayers
– reading book “Disciple Her” by Kandi Gallaty
– Learn more about women and ministry both locally and ethnically.
– Deal with the challenge as Asian woman and woman of color
– Track how many interviews and events I have attended using my journal.