SOC-449 Intake Interview Evaluation Worksheet As a beginning social worker, it is

SOC-449 Intake Interview Evaluation Worksheet
As a beginning social worker, it is imperative to hone the skill of preparing for and delivering an effective intake interview with a client. The MindTap videos in this course have shown you what effective and ineffective intake interviews looks like. In this assignment, imagine yourself as a social worker preparing to interview a client. This assignment will assist you in learning the process and skill of the intake interview. For this individual assignment, you will need to complete the following:
First, you will use the selected Intake Form, your revised Intake Interview Questions, and the Intake Interview Analysis Worksheet to help you conduct the mock interview of your client.
Important Consideration: Remember, the person you selected is to play the “character” in your mock intake interview scenario. In other words, it’s a chance for them to perform a scene like in one of the videos you watched for this course. This person is NOT to discuss or disclose with you how they are planning to act in the mock interview. They may refer to the Intake Form information at any time during the mock interview.
Next, don’t worry about the performance of your mock client during the interview. Even if the interview doesn’t go as you originally planned, the purpose of this assignment is to help prepare you for intake interviews in social work. Not all intake interviews will go well. In the social work field, some clients will respond to your questions right away, others will not. The most important part is that you practice being in an intake interview setting. Really envision yourself as a Social Worker and imagine how you would act in such a setting with such a client.
When you have completed the mock interview, answer the prompts below to evaluate the experience:
Briefly summarize your client and the reason for their visit to the agency. (40-50 words)
Briefly describe the setting of the interview and its impact on the client. (HR office? Social agency? School office?)
What were the social phenomena present in this case? Explain any cultural issues. (50-75 words)
Explain how you handled your personal biases (if any). Provide some tips for social workers on how to handle personal biases regarding your client’s situation: (50-75 words)
Explain some effective physical attending behaviors you used to help the process move toward positive responses with the mock client. (75-100 words)
Summarize the engagement strategies and questioning techniques you used to glean more information from your mock client. (100-150 words)
What were some measurable goals you suggested for your mock client? How could those goals be measured and evaluated? (50-75 words)
Summarize how you utilized verbal and nonverbal interviewing techniques. Explain how you dealt with any barriers to communication. (75-100 words)
In 100-150 words, explain a possible treatment plan (resources, interventions, possible groups, etc.) for your client or explain if termination is more appropriate. What might be some possible aftercare plans for your client?
Citing two scholarly sources, in 200-250 words, take into consideration the autonomy of the client and explain how a social worker might handle a client rejecting a social worker’s aftercare treatment plan. Why is it important for a social worker to understand the client’s autonomy?
Now that you have conducted the mock interview, what part of the intake interview process proved to be the most challenging? (50-75 words)
Explain how this assignment can help prepare you for the intake interview process when you become a social worker. (100-150 words)
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