Something along the lines of: Investigating the role that digital asset tokens can play in providing a new source of capital raising for SME’s.

I will describe the nature of the dissertation closer with the writer on the chat tab if okay. For now I will just list the different word limits of each section and explain the documentation I have provided below. The Extended research proposal is required asap (late submitting it). I have attached the guidance outline provided by the university, the proposal has an 1800 word limit max. I will also attach a proposal that another company sent me, very poor service – this was the third time they’d revised the proposal, grammar doesn’t make sense or show amazing understanding/context of topic – but I’ll just attach to get a bit of an overview if nothing less. Some of the details on it are okay, but again I will explain more on the topic with yourself in the chat bar after this purchase. Next is the literature review. This should be around 3000-4000 words max excluding references. I have attached some guidance docs on the literature review provided by my university.Lastly, I will attach the university’s course outline for the dissertation, stating all the criteria etc.