St. Lucys Home for Girls Raised by Wolves

Literary Analysis
Writing in the Humanities
ENG 112

Assignment Snapshot: 

Mode: Literary Analysis

Research Requirements: 

St. Lucys Home for Girls Raised by Wolves

Formatting and Citation Style:

MLA Format1 margins, Times New Roman  12 Point Font, Double Spaced, Heading and Headers, Internal Documentation, and Works Cited Page


3+ pages not including the works cited page

Due dates:

English Studio online or face-to-face visit due Thursday, September 16. This can be to create an outline or to review a draft. You may set up a second appointment before September 23.
The final essay is due Thursday, September 23 by noon.  Late submissions will not be accepted.

For this assignment, you will read the short story and write a thesis-based essay that provides an in-depth analysis of the work.  Your thesis should specifically argue how a specific technique used by the author (such as symbolism, setting, narration, plot, or character) contributes to the meaning of the work as a whole.

Keep in mind that the thesis should be specific, arguable, and worthwhile.  This essay is not a summary or an overview of the story like you might find on Shmoop or an NCLive article titled Overview. While those kinds of sources explain everything about a text, your essay is going to narrowly focus on one aspect of the work.

Writing in the humanities shares many characteristics with good writing across all disciplines. Please use the following checklist as you complete your essay and when you review it with a tutor.

Checklist for academic writing:

Does the introduction provide an overview of the topic?

Does the introduction end with a thesis?

Is the thesis arguable? In other words, could a counterargument be made?

Does each body paragraph begin with a topic sentence that previews the paragraph and supports the thesis?

Have you provided adequate evidence from the text to support the thesis?

Are all quotes introduced and adequately explained? (quote sandwich or ICE)

Are quotations properly cited using MLA format for in-text citations?

Does the essay conclude with a so what statement or final thought?

Is the works cited page properly formatted (including double-spacing throughout and the hanging indent)?