Stereotyping is injustice Stereotyping is a well-known term that relates to nearly

Stereotyping is injustice
Stereotyping is a well-known term that relates to nearly everyone’s life in some way, in an article published by the economist titled ‘’ DON’T LET STEREOTYPES WARP YOUR JUDGMENT’’ by the author Robert L. Heilbroner. Heilbroner exemplifies how stereotyping implements all of our lives negatively, he proceeds to show where the problem started and ways to solve this problem logically. Heilbroner provokes to raise awareness on the problem and gives reasons to why is threatens societies. The article’s intended audience is broad but mostly educated anmad from all levels of society. The author tries to affect readers by giving them solutions that would be realistic to implement and would offer humanity a way more respectful life with less judgment and inequality. In his writing, the author attempts to persuade readers logically and emotionally and refers to multiple specialists and experiments in the same topic to help the argument gain credibility
The writer started the article with questions that catch the reader’s eyes. He proceeds to exemplify stereotypical acts then answers no to how we wouldn’t accept it then states that all of us relate to the problem. The author here logically related to the reader that stereotyping is an occurring problem and helps the reader determine where it initiated. Later in the article, the author helps gain credibility by stating that ‘’ despite the testimony of criminologists that criminals do not tend to be dark, foreign or “wild-eyed.”’’ And shows how even though that’s true people still think otherwise. He then relates to the problem by to also adding credibility to his argument by referring to a study where students changed their judgment to women because of the ethnicity of their names. This persuades readers to believe the problem and the injustice it puts on most of society and how the prejudgement could even differentiate one’s actions. The author attempts to provide a solution to the problem by encouraging individuals to rest their stereotypical thoughts and forget about any statement about an individual due to his physical look. The author also resembles how stereotypes enter our Lives and at which point it affects our lives since we were kids and the ways it reaches our thoughts. The author exemplifies how it affects kids as he state’s a study done with kids ‘’He secretly asked the most popular youngsters in an elementary school to make errors in their morning gym exercises. Afterward, he asked the class if anyone had noticed any mistakes during gym period. Oh, yes, said the children. But it was the unpopular members of the class–the “bad guys”–they remembered as being out of step’’. This affects readers emotionally which is an effective emotionally persuasive attempt by the writer. As the writer shows how stereotypes effects children’s childhood.
Heilbroner, Robert L. “Don’t let stereotypes warp your judgments.” Retrieved October 3 (1961): 2006.