STG5A3 – Marketplace – Summer 2021 Assessment 2- Board report – Exceptional

STG5A3 – Marketplace – Summer 2021
Assessment 2- Board report – Exceptional re-sit assessment – September 2021
As an individual you have to produce a typed final report. Length 1,500 words (not including executive summary, bibliography or appendices).
NOTE: Better marks will be earned by individuals that use appropriate models / theory in their report. As a minimum your report must include information on the following areas.
Report to the board
Answer all the following questions in a report format
Critically evaluate the changing competitive dynamics of the Market Place simulation over the 7 quarters. In your analysis, you should take the following into account:
What strategies were adopted by the other teams and how did their strategies change over time as the simulation progressed?
How did the other teams in your universe perform over the duration of the simulation? Explain and justify the measures used to evaluate and measure their performance;
Based on the available Market Place data, compare and contrast the strategies and performance of your team against that of the competitors. In your analysis, you should take the following into account:
 Which strategies or decisions by your team account for any differences in the performance of your team when compared to that of the other competitors?
How well prepared is your team to compete in the future? Outline a brief plan of your intended strategies, including any proposed changes to investments in R&D, marketing and promotion, production and HRM strategies;
Assessment Criteria
• The overall picture of the business and competition is conveyed clearly
• Content items have a consistency and logic supporting the overall picture
• Appropriate use is made of strategic tools and techniques
• Explains how own strategy took account of competitors
• Written in a business-like style to convey economically and precisely the content
• The structure enables the reader to understand the strategy and approach adopted
• Accompanying visuals, graphs and tables are appropriately designed, placed and referenced in relation to the text
• The main body of the report contains the essential content and is supported by relevant data in the appendices
Data for coursework 2
Password: Yas25122013!
Company name Team 5
To access data for the re-sit assessment you need to log on as usual to Marketplace. When you first log on you will be presented with Quarter 7 data (i.e. the data at the end of the simulation).
If you click on “Performance report” (highlighted on the attached graphic) you will bring up a whole host of information that could potentially be of use to you answering the re-sit assessment questions. (e.g. balanced Scorecard, Market Share, Financial Ratios etc.)
If you want to “step back in time” and see performance in previous quarters click on the triangle next to Quarter 7 (also highlighted on the attached graphic) to see what the appropriate figures were in Quarter 6, then Quarter 5 and so on
It is up to you to select from this data to answer the resit questions. Remember that the Resit assessment is NOT merely re-presenting what you did in the original Board report, you need to answer the questions in the resit assessment brief.