Story of an Hour Essay Writing Prompt

Write a 4-6 paragraph essay addressing this prompt. Remember paragraphs should be a minimum of 6-8 sentences in length.

 Before you start, please pick out at least five phrases/quotes which you think are especially important to the story (what you might mark on a printed text.) and that may be used in your essay for support. Briefly describe why you chose each and how they connect to the essay prompt below. After you complete the above, tell me what questions about character or motivation or plot does this story leave in your mind? Please connect these questions to the prompt and incorporate/answer them in your essay.

Story of an Hour Essay – Writing PromptLouise Mallard is consistently portrayed as a frail woman in need of protection. Does hercharacter help support the claim that Kate Chopin writes stories that take on the topic of gender roles? What kind of gender roles does Louise’s story present? Write an essay that analyzes how rigid societal gender roles relates to the evolution of Louise Mallard’s character.