strategic plan

STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN: The assignment will be a semester long project developing a three-year strategic plan focusing on an existing healthcare organization with the option of developing your own company. The following is Part One of the assignment and is worth (10 points)
Part One should include:

Foundational Review (Mission, Vision, and Core Values)
Internal Environmental Analysis
External Environmental Analysis

this is the organization I created, so please write a business plan about it by going to that link and doing some research and write about it. You do not have to limit your research, therefore, look up similar organizations’ missions, visions, and core values statements and compare them to mine and explain. Treat this as your own organization therefore, used first-person(I). It also needs to connect with HealthCare because it is a health care class. I want to see a good introduction about my organization, following the external and internal analysis. Please Provide enough resources from your search and cite your references. Any reference that ends with .com will not be accepted, and it needs to be in APA format, double space, and with appropriate headings. Attached below is a rubric on how and what is expected from this paper. 2 pages max