Stratified Ownership Assignment See also: Mixed Ownership, Fractional Ownership Vacation ownership is

Stratified Ownership Assignment
See also: Mixed Ownership, Fractional Ownership
Vacation ownership is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry, and has enjoyed significant growth for the past few decades (Scoviak, 2004 ; Hayward, 2005 ; Gilligan, 2006; Ragatz, 2007 ). The vacation ownership industry generates revenues of over US $ 9.4 billion per annum, with 6.7 million owners in 270 countries worldwide (Organisation for Timeshare in Europe, 2007 ). The economic impact of the vacation ownership industry is signifi cant, with the United States reporting a $ 91.8 billion economic impact on the US economy for the year 2006, and Australia reporting a $ 698 million economic impact on the Australian Economy ( Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council, 2004 ; American Resort Development Association, 2007 ).  Extract from  Bender Stringam (2010). Journal of Retail & Leisure Property Vol. 9, 1, 37–54.
Article 1.  Managing Strata Hotels
Article 2.
Article 3.
Article 4.
The above extract and links should give you the beginning of an understanding of the concept of ‘stratified ownership’. Based on these readings and your knowledge of Revenue Management, outline why you think this may be a good way forward for managing revenue in the hospitality industry.
Research the topic of ‘stratified ownership’ and write an overview of the concept.
Outline any challenges with this model (resort, hotel or other).
Propose another area of hospitality where you can argue that multiple owners may be considered.
At least 3 additional references should be considered and included.
College level English, grammar, and APA format expected.
(Hook the audience on the relevance of the topic)
Research on Stratified Ownership
(Give sufficient detail for the reader to understand the concept. Clarity is as important as length)
(Outline challenges to this model of management with at least 2 with supporting references)
Other area of hospitality
(Apply this concept to another business type. You can research where it may work or has been tried and elaborate).
(Bring the paper full circle)
Format, APA, College level English