Stress and Health Care Workshop We plan to use the transactional model

Stress and Health Care Workshop
We plan to use the transactional model in our project because our goal is to provide resources and coping mechanisms for the students at Montgomery Middle School. The transactional model states that individuals feel stress when there is a perceived discrepancy between the situation and the resources available to deal with that situation or stressor. Our use of the transactional model involves providing the students with coping resources, including stress reduction techniques, so that they do not perceive a discrepancy between the situation and their available resources. Our stress workshop will include various techniques to deal with stressors, information on the effects of COVID-19 and how they can best protect themselves from getting sick, as well as information on the link between stress and healthcare. In the event that the students do get sick, whether they contract the coronavirus or another illness, we want to make sure that they do not feel overwhelmed by this. As their healthcare depends on their parents and is thus out of their control, it will be helpful for them to know what to do if they get sick. This includes having someone that they know they can turn to if they are not feeling well and steps they can take to get treatment. By providing this information to them, the students will hopefully feel less overwhelmed in the event of illness and will perceive the situation as something that they can handle. Additionally, living through a pandemic can be stressful at times, especially having to go to school and be around others. Therefore, in our workshop we are going to include some measures that they can take to keep themselves from getting sick. This encompasses the transactional model because in providing ways that will reduce their chance of getting sick, our goal is that the students will feel that they have the adequate resources to cope with the situation of living through a pandemic and thus, feel less stressed. 
We have a few resources we would like to share with the students, specifically regarding health care and COVID-19 (mis)information. These resources may include where to get tested and vaccinated for free in San Diego County. ( , free transportation by means of Uber/Lyfts to these sites, and community and low-income clinics in Linda Vista (;