Supply Chain Discussion

Read Case #10 – “BLOCKCHAIN IS DISRUPTING THE SUPPLY CHAIN, then answer the following question:  Page #183

What are the pros and cons of using blockchain technologies to manage the supply chain?
Given the choice, would you implement a blockchain technology to manage your supply chain? Why or why not?

Your submission should be a Word document of at least 400 words, with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, including APA formatted references and in-text citations.
All case studies are found at the end of the chapter in your textbook.
Lesson 09 Discussion
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Explain the importance of decision making for managers at each of the three primary organization levels along with the associated decision characteristics.
Do you agree that it is the behavior of leaders that largely determines employee engagement, as defined in the text? What might be some other factors that influence engagement?
How do leaders use communication to influence and persuade other? Think of someone you have known who is skilled in the art of persuasion. What makes this person an effective communicator?