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Solving Depression
What is the problem?
The problem to be assessed is depression as a mental health condition. Depression is a mental health condition that happens to people, making them have constant periods of feeling sad. The condition predominately affects young people. People who are depressed lose interest in activities which they might consider fun. For most people, depression can also be comorbid with other mood disorders such as anxiety. When depression becomes intense and prolonged for a long time, people can easily resort to committing suicide or self-harm as a way to escape their problems. They may also have a sense of depreciated self-worth, making them feel useless.
Why should this problem be examined?
I have had periods of depression, which are the most unproductive days. When individuals are depressed, it is like their life is taken away from them. They usually do not want to wake up in the morning, which affects their productivity. It becomes hard to care even for those one loves and oneself. Depression can be the greatest enemy to a person. When depressed, one does not care what happens to them. Therefore, for the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and those around them, it is crucial that depression is addressed. Helping solve depression problems would improve the quality of life of most people.
Depression is the leading cause of suicide among young people. People who are severely depressed are likely to be having suicidal ideation (Chou et al.). By solving depression, it is possible to prevent the high number of suicides among people, particularly among young people. Depression also affects the mental acuities of people. Popele who are depressed start to become unacademically inclined. They also show less amount of interest in mentally challenging tasks. Therefore, people may lose their academic vigor and also hamper their career prospects if the condition runs for a long time. Therefore, it is important to address problems associated with depression.
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