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The #Me Too Movement
As the title suggests, it is a movement that encourages people who have experienced sexual assault in the workplace to come out openly and seek help. As the name suggests, the movement is open to both males and females. The group provides the required assistance that will help a person get the required help instead of just suffering in silence on their own. According to the founder Jessica Hample, the member of the group has good (Han et al.). Therefore, he supports them in their activity. On the other hand, just how is an opposer of the group, believe that the group is only a social media group that encourages their member to use social media more often. In the end, the member doesn’t get any help from social media.
Hessies perceives that social media doesn’t provide any help to the members. Instead, it makes them more vulnerable to other issues that make their case worse than before. Gilbert’s perception can be considered to be true since the play program has contributed to a positive impact among women who are the majority members (Tally). On the other hand, Gilbert states that movement can also blackmail and tarnish an individual’s reputation or image. Some opposers of the movement state that the movement will provide a perfect breeding ground for the false charges.
Some of the critics of the movement suggest that the issue of sexual assault is considered to be a private matter that some people are not willing to talk about in public; instead, they would prefer face to face. However, they state that if the individuals are not willing to open up, it can be challenging to talk about it (Tianhan). The opposers say that the campaign plays a vital role in addressing the issue of sexual harassment. They give an example of the Rkelly case. It was through a similar campaign that led to the arrest of R Kelly. This means that the campaigns are products and have a great impact on society.
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