Survey of Chemistry CHEM 1370 – 207 Chemistry Project-1 Marks 10 and

Survey of Chemistry
CHEM 1370 – 207
Chemistry Project-1
Marks 10 and Bonus Mark 2
Due Date: March 20, 2022 @11:59 PM
Dr. Bhatt
Texas A&M International University
Each student will work on a project related to chemistry. You are free to choose any topic related to chemistry globally, but you may focus to choose research topics that addresses the issues related to local communities, Laredo-Texas, and the region. Groups are allowed to work on a project of their own interests such as water quality (chemistry), soil quality (chemistry), air quality (chemistry), impacts of chemical pollutants on the environment, wastewater treatment etc. and the project report should contain the following sections such as:
Title of the Project
Brief Summary (Abstract)
Result & Discussion
Conclusion and Recommendations
References/Literature Cited
12-point Singled spaced Times New Roman or Arial
1 Inch Margins
Author Name
Should be written in passive voice
I encourage you to include why the project was done? How was the project done? Include main findings and discuss. Why your research topic is important? Your thoughts and ideas should be clearly stated. A short report of 1-2 page is perfectly fine but if needed you can extend slightly, maximum three pages.
You should not plagiarize and must follow TAMIU honor code for plagiarism and please check your syllabus as well for details about this. If you include any materials from any sources such as papers, articles, internet, books etc., please cite the source properly and include that in your reference section. I will also discuss about this and citation format in your class. It is entirely your responsibility to prepare your project report in your own words and free from any sort of plagiarism.
If you have any questions or problems in choosing topic or any issues in preparing project report, please let me know and I would be more than happy to guide and support. Please submit your project report through the drop box under Chemistry Project in Blackboard within the due date.