Task 1: Dissertation topic selection: Select a topic in Machine learning /AI,

Task 1: Dissertation topic selection: Select a topic in Machine learning /AI, data science
Your dissertation topic will need to be approved by your professor and also the Graduate School by submitting a topic proposal.  The topic proposal is a first step of the dissertation – the topic, general reasoning behind the topic, as well as a potential thesis and thesis map for your Literature Review.  The topic proposal must clearly link to theory, identify what problem or gap in literature your proposed topic will address, and show a connection to program goals and core courses.
Program is Ph.D. Information technology
Core courses: Machine learning/AI, data science
Select a topic that you should use until the end of dissertation.
Need to do end-to-end dissertation. Let me know if you can do. For now, do the TASK1 (select the topic for dissertation) to complete task. But make sure you select the topic that you can complete whole dissertation.
To complete the task1, follow these steps below and answer them:
Proposed Topic
in 100 words or less
notes: For the Proposed Topic, please present a succinct description of your dissertation research focus. Be as specific as possible and cite the current scholarship that has noted the research focus as an area of needed inquiry.
Theoretical Background
Notes: what theories covered in your program are associated with your topic?
You likely reviewed many theories within your discipline across your doctoral course work. Here, you will choose 1, 2, or maybe 3 theory(ies) that will serve as the lens to view your research focus.
100 word or less
Population and Sampling
Notes: what is the population that you would like to address? where will you select your sample from?
50 words
Describe the target population for your study. This involves the representative population for the individuals you plan to recruit for the study. Include an approximate size of this target population. This can typically be found using a resource such as the U.S. BLS. Then follow with a description for the location of your recruitment site, meaning the specific organization, social media group, or site(s) where you will recruit this target population as study participants.
Note. For studies that involve no live subjects, you will describe the location from where you will gather the archival raw data for your study.
All references should be peer reviewed and only latest from 2018 year.