The Assignment • We need students to choose a topic related to

The Assignment
• We need students to choose a topic related to the course, research it and write it up.
• Something on the theme of environmental history, the relationships between people and the environment, human-caused environmental change in the past, over time, or even in the present
• Ideally we should be be doing archival research, but that is difficult for the moment
Topic Choice
• Pretty much open, but we suggest consultation with instructor/TA to confirm suitability
• Best to go for a case study
• Not enough to just tell a story, need to interpret it, analyse it somehow, consider what the example shows, means
• Still possible if you use on-line historic newspapers
• Best if you have a clear topic focus, and can generate a clear set of search terms which you can run
• For example, if you look for ice jams on the Humber River in C19th and C20th
• Or the historic sucker fishery on the mouths of GTA creeks
• Or how the city treated street trees in the past • Or how the automobile changed the city streets in the 1920s
• For topics likely to make it into a Canadian newspaper since 1982:
• Canadian News and Current Affairs database via York University Library
• City of Toronto Archives has browsable historic photos and maps
• Old Toronto Maps blog
• TPL: Toronto Historic Maps
Colonialism in the Global South 2
Colonial Cities
Making Bombay Island
Lagos Tramway
The Colonial City
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Liora Bigon (2012) ‘Garden City’ in the tropics? French Dakar in comparative perspective Journal of Historical Geography 38 (2012) 35-44
Post-Colonial Global South 1
Post-Colonial Global South
Mining in the Global South
U Minh Forest
Landscapes of Post-Colonial Extractivism
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