the case of reparation

It’s a one-shot, one grade, and one paper deal. It is a very formal and rigid assignment. A research project is an assignment that has multiple parts that are collected and turned in together. A research project requires the same amount of work and uses the same skills as a research paper, but offers more variety and freedom when completing the work. Each step in the project will have a review day to share and examine your work. It’s important to complete each step in the research project and make sure you hold on to it until the due date.Part 1: Researching Quality Information about Coates’ EssayThis stage of the research project requires you to find quality sources and evaluate their quality. This assignment has a few steps. They are: 1) Summarizing Sources and 2) Evaluating Sources. This section should be at least 750 words.Step 1: Summarizing SourcesFor both of your 2 sources you will write a short, one-paragraph summary that explains the main idea and one detail of the author. Remember, these are what somebody else thinks or says about Coates’ essay.Step 2: Evaluating SourcesIn one paragraph, explain what you learned from researching about Coates’ piece. What are the key things that you now understand after completing your research?Part 2: Evidence Clusters from “The Case for Reparations”Once you have found all your sources, it’s time to think about how they relate to Coates’ essay “The Case for Reparations.” In this section, you will master the skill of breaking down evidence and relating to a central text. We will do this in paragraphs using an evidence cluster.First, choose 2 pieces of evidence from Coates’ essay. Second, write one paragraph for each piece of evidence that clearly introduces, quotes, and analyzes the evidence. For each of your clusters, you will follow our quotation sandwich style for using evidence. This section should be at least 500 words.Part 3: Do You Believe Coates?The last part of your research project will be a written essay in which you answer the question: Do you believe in Coates’ essay? This will be a short paper in which you will draw on all your research and reading to explain what you believe about Coates’ assertion that the USA needs to make reparations.What do you Believe Mini-Essay?            You will compose a 1-page (275 word) response that explains what you believe about Coates’ idea and the research you have read. No matter if you believe Coates’ ideas or not, you will justify your thoughts be reference all the work you have done in the project. You should explain how your research helped you understand Coates’ ideas. This should be at least 275 words.Writing TaskComplete a research-focused project on Coates’s “The Case for Reparations.”FormatA 1500-1700 word MLA paper with proper format, font, and spacing.All sections will be typed and must be uploaded to Blackboard.DeliverablesHave TWO outside sources that help you analyze Coates’ “The Case for Reparations.”Two pieces of evidence from the material on Blackboard.Summarize two outside sources.Use proper Summary Language for evidence that DOES NOT require direct quotes.Analyze two key pieces of evidence from Coates’ essay.Use the Quotation Sandwich for interpreting evidence that requires direct quotes.Create a thesis statement in section three that articulates if you believe Coates’ main idea about reparations.Use your research to defend your opinion in section three.Write a grammatically clean copy, with no errors.Create an MLA Works Cited Page.Use proper MLA in-text citation to avoid confusion or plagiarism.