The Circle

Dave Eggers The Circle and the film adaptation directed byJames Ponsoilt both aesthetically represent the experience of modern technologyand the surveillance through the protagonist, Mae. This presentation includesthe high of her rated social and professional interactions, the power ofmedia to affect her emotions and behavior, her idealism of open sourceinformation that the Circle (Bailey, in particular) inspires, and the loss ofprivacy and friendship due to constant surveillance.
Formulate a specific thesis about an artistic technique (ortechniques) that each version (novel and film) uses to depict one of Maesspecific physical, emotional, or personal experiences with social media or a newtechnology.
How does she feel, perceive, or act differently, and whatartistic approach does the author/director use to enhance that change in herfor the reader or viewer?
Try to select a technique that depends on each different medium(the effects of language versus the visual and auditory effects of the film).You may focus on similarities and/or differences between Eggers and Ponsoldtsartistic approaches.
The thesis must be supported by a close analysis of at least twoquotes from the book and at least one scene from the movie.
2/3 of the paper should be about the Book; 1/3 of the paper should be about the Movie)