The Giver – Reading Comprehension Questions Chapter 1: Why did Jonas feel

The Giver – Reading Comprehension Questions
Chapter 1:
Why did Jonas feel terrible in the beginning?
What happened after the plane left?
What may happen to the pilot?
Describe Jonas’s family.
Who is Asher?
What do we know about him?
What discussion did the family had over dinner?
What do they know about animals?
What is the role of Jonas’ father?
What does it mean to “release” a person?
How does this make you feel?
Who is the night crew?
Chapter 2:
What is the ceremony of the 12?
How did the parents ensure that they got a boy or a girl?
How are people named?
Who is the Receiver?
How do people get to be employed?
Who are the Elders?
Why do they monitor the children?
Why does Jonas worry about Asher’s assignments?
What happens to the concept of age after you turn 12 in the Community?
What is a comfort object?
Chapter 3:
What is wrong with Jonas’s eyes?
What is a birthmother?
Why did Mother become upset when she heard her daughter wanted to become one?
What is a speaker?
What happened when Jonas took an apple home with him?
What happened to the apple during the game of throw and catch?
What is meant by “shade?”
Chapter 4:
What are volunteer hours?
Why does Jonas think it is a great luxury to have them?
Who is Benjamin?
What do we know about him?
Why is it difficult to discuss accomplishments?
Why are volunteer hours counted?
What happens if you do not have enough?
Who were Roberto and Edna?
How are their lives different?
Describe the release process of older people.
Chapter 5:
What is the morning Ritual?
What was Lily’s nightmare?
Explain the concept of stirrings/treatment/pills.
Why is it uncomfortable being different?
Chapter 6:
Why did 4’s, 5’s, 6’s all wear jackets that fastened down the back?
What is interdependence?
What do you think of it?
Why wasn’t Gabriel at the ceremony?
What did the committee decide?
What would happen otherwise? (“Uncertain”)
What pledge did Jonas’s family sign?
What is Elsewhere?
Who is Caleb?
What is so special about this character?
What is the Ceremony of Loss?
Is release the same as loss?
Who is Fritz?
Who is the engineer guy?
What happened then?
Chapter 7:
Why did parents sometimes use the child’s number rather than their names?
What are your thoughts about this?
When does one become an adult?
How do teachers punish three-year-olds?
How did it affect Asher?
What assignment did he receive in the end?
What happened when Jonas’s turn came?
Chapter 8:
Jonas was not assigned—he was selected.
What does this mean?
What happened the last time they chose the Receiver of Memory?
What are the risks Elders make when they choose assignments?
How is the training for the Receiver of Memory different?
What are Jonas’s qualities, according to the chief?
What is the issue of pain for the Receiver?
What is the “capacity to see beyond?”
Chapter 9:
At the beginning of the chapter, anyone talking to Jonas hesitated a bit.
Why do you think they did so?
What did Jonas’s parents say about him becoming a Receiver of Memory?
What did they say about the previous selection for the Receiver of Memory?
What is a name “not-to-be-spoken” of?
Discuss the printed sheet for Jonas’s instruction and go into detail.
What did Jonas think of them?
Why can’t Jonas find out if adults tell lies?
Chapter 10:
What did Jonas notice about the doors in the annex building?
Why are they like that?
How was the room different than other rooms in the Community?
What are memories of the whole world?
What does the Receiver mean by “weighted?”
What does Jonas know about snow?
How does the chapter end? Describe the activity.
Chapter 11:
Describe the first memory Jonas had received.
What did he experience?
“He could see with his eyes closed.” What does this mean?
Why was the old man exhausted at the end?
Jonas said he took the memory from him?
Why aren’t there any snow, hills, sleds?
What is meant by “sameness?”
What is climate control?
What was the second memory given to Jonas?
What caused pain?
How did Jonas feel about it?
Chapter 12:
What dream did Jonas have?
What was weird about Fiona?
How did Jonas see colors?
What is similar between the book, Fiona’s hair and apples?
The Giver asked Jonas to remember. What happened then?
By giving away sunshine, colors, etc., what did the community gain?
Chapter 13:
How did Jonas experience colors?
What did the Giver tell him about this?
Why did Jonas say it was not fair?
How did the Giver respond to him? (jobs, spouses)
Why was Jonas angry at his groupmates?
What did he try with Asher?
Describe the memory of the elephant.
How did Jonas react to that?
Why did Jonas try to pass memories to Asher and his family?
Why is it difficult to have a spouse as a Receiver?
How did the Giver work with the committee?
When the previous Receiver failed, what happened to her memories?
“without the memories, it is all meaningless.” Explain.
What causes pain, according to the Giver?
Chapter 14:
The sled memory, what was so different this time?
Did Jonas receive treatment for his memory? Why?
How did the community deal with pain?
What did the Giver say when Jonas asked,” Why do they have to hold the memories” after each painful memory?
Why is wisdom important?
Why doesn’t everyone have their memories?
Why can’t the rules change?
What happened when Gabriel was asleep?
What does this mean?
Is Jonas going to tell the Giver about this? Why?
Chapter 15:
What was the pain that the Giver had?
What memory was that? Describe it.
What did the Giver say in the end?
Chapter 16:
What happened to Jonas in Chapter 16?
How does he feel about the assignment?
What are some of the positive memories Jonas had?
Why did the Giver give him more positive ones now?
What is the favorite memory of the Giver?
Discuss the current way of the Community about life stages into adulthood: child, parent, elder.
Is the feeling of love shared within the Community?
Why did Jonas think there was risk involved?
What did Jonas ask his parents?
What did Jonas say to Gabriel at the end?
What do you think it means?
Why didn’t he take the pill?
Chapter 17:
What is an “unscheduled holiday?”
What happens then?
What is happening to Jonas now?
Jonas felt happy now, but it was different from other times he felt happy.
Why is that?
What does Jonas know about Lily’s anger?
Mother’s sadness?
Why does Jonas feel like this?
Describe the game Asher and the other childer played.
What did Jonas experience then?
How did Jonas feel when his friends left?
What happens when a child starts to walk? What does this tell us about the Community?
What do they do with twins in this Community?
Chapter 18:
Can a Receiver ask to be released?
What happened ten years ago?
What happened to memories once she died?
Chapter 19:
What did Jonas tell the Giver about the twins’ release?
How did they access the event?
Read together in class the release of twins and discuss.
Chapter 20:
Why was Jonas crying?
How did he feel about his father?
What is Jonas’s plan?
Why are they doing it?
Chapter 21:
Jonas felt no fear or regrets. What did he feel instead?
What is going to happen to Gabriel?
What transgressions did Jonas do?
How did they spend the days?
How did they spend the nights?
How did they hide from planes?
Chapter 22:
As they get away from the Community, what started to happen to nature?
How did Jonas feel in nature?
What did he eat?
Did Jonas regret leaving?
Why did he cry?
Chapter 23:
What happens in the last chapter?