The Just War Theory For more than 2,500 years, political and religious

The Just War Theory
For more than 2,500 years, political and religious leaders, as well as scholars, have been promoting the philosophy of just war. The ancient Greeks, including Plato and Aristotle, and later the Roman philosopher Cicero argued that only defensive wars were just wars.
After the Greeks and the Romans, the moral theory of just war became a central component of Catholic and Islamic thought. Saint Thomas Aquinas formulated the most systematic account (Links to an external site.) of the just war theory in his Summa Theologica. Ideologists of Jihad argue (Links to an external site.) that “jihad becomes a compulsory duty incumbent upon every Muslim if one inch of Muslim land is attacked”. Today the moral theory of just war, whether derived from religious principles or not, has become the central framework for the ethical analysis of war throughout the Western and Muslim worlds.
In the academic world since the publication of the seminal book of Michael Walzer (Links to an external site.), “Just and Unjust Wars” in 1977, the just war theory has been a hot topic. In November 2012, The New York Times initiated the public debate by publishing an essay (Links to an external site.) by Jeff McMahan, philosopher, and professor at Rutgers University, on just war theory.
War experts (Links to an external site.) assert that any wars waged in the world appear to have been affected by the categories and proscriptions of just war theory. There is no doubt that the analysis of wars from the perspective of classical just war theory raises difficult questions for the practice of the wars.
So, your task is to use just war theory as a useful method of inquiry into the problems of contemporary war and write an essay up to 800 words, answering the question:
What war in the world since 1945 would you consider a just war? What do you think about the current Russia-Ukraine war in that regard? Select one war that you consider just and present an in-depth analysis, complete with sound rationale, evidence, and arguments.
Required readings:
Rationalist explanations for war. By James D. Fearon (1995).
Grounds for War: The Evolution of Territorial Conflict. By Dominic D.P. Johnson and Monica Duffy Toft (2014).
Required Videos in youtube:
The Rules of the Game: Just War Doctrine.
Noam Chomsky: The Limitations and Problems with “Just War” Theory.