The most creative solution to a difficult problem

Tell us about the most creative solution to a difficult problem at work/school/extracurricular activity/personal that you have ever come up with. What was the problem? How did you decide on the solution/What was your process? How was it received? What was the final outcome? How did you measure your success? Make sure this presentation is eye catching and quirky. I want it to be fun! I want to make sure that the presentation shows that ownership, transparency, and integrity was shown throughout the process. upd:
Some other pointers: Your presentation should follow a flow – for example, Problem –> What you did to solve it –> What was the outcome –> How did you know you were successful Make sure you demonstrate to us that you know how to work with data and think about metrics (e.g., maybe you “knew you were successful” because you were able to measure success… % complete, % improvement, etc.)