The motion of the debate: Islam is Dominated by Radicals (3 pages)

The motion of the debate: Islam is Dominated by Radicals (3 pages)
I am inviting you to continue the famous debate: “Islam is dominated by radicals,” which was first organized by Intelligence Squared (Links to an external site.) in 2008. While that debate took place thirteen years ago, in my view, the topic of this debate has become much more significant and increasingly more relevant in the context of our time. The “reeducation” camps in China, religious disenfranchisement in India, ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, street violence in Sri Lanka, mass shootings in New Zealand, the flourishing of far-right parties across Europe, and the mainstreaming of Islamophobia in America reflect the frightening political stories.
Muslims are the fastest-growing religious group in the world. The growth, regional migration of Muslims, ISIS, and radicalism have brought Muslims and the Islamic faith to the forefront of the political debate in many countries. Besides this debate, Intelligence Squared has initiated debates “Islam is a religion of peace” (Links to an external site.) in 2010 and “Better elected Islamists than dictators (Links to an external site.)” in 2012.
The student will argue whether he/she is for or against the motion and will provide arguments accordingly. Tell us whether you support the view that radicals dominate Islam or disagree with this notion altogether.
I attached the link to the video and articles to read to formulate good arguments

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