The project There are about 100 million homeless people in the world.

The project
There are about 100 million homeless people in the world. The homeless have no job, no food, no good health and no hygiene. They are often abused or involved in crime.
Most municipalities provide temporary shelters for the homeless, but this does not solve the problem permanently.
The approach of this project is based on the idea that the homeless must be provided with housing first and this will help them to overcome mental problems, drug and alcohol problems and unemployment. Through this project, they receive permanent accommodation and support from staff at Housing First to meet their goals. After some time, some of them reduce alcohol and drug use and find permanent jobs and the opportunity to pay their own rent.
The Municipality of Örebro took Housing First to Sweden in 2012. In 2015, brave politicians dared to take the step to make the project permanent.



The task
Discuss your leadership attributes that you will need for the project, or attributes what they may be short of (and where to get help from).
Questions to answer:
What kind of relationships are you building with people?
What is your group proposing to do?
What do you need as a group to do so?
What do you need to change in you?
What do you bring to this group, what personal experiences link you to this project?
Any reflexion on your approaches to leadership that will impact the group, or that has impacted the group project so far
The idea is to answer the question above as personally as possible in context of the group work, and NOT to consider the project itself.
75 words for each bullet
Additional hints:
• Motivated and empowered your group members
• Dealt with issues of diversity in the team?
• Dealt with any relationship issues that occurred (conflict, decision making etc.)
• Communicated effectively?
• How you responded to being led
• How did you use your power and influence?