The slides required is No 14 in the presentation attached, A summary

The slides required is No 14 in the presentation attached, A summary required for each Raw in the table regarding FM to ABC Corporation. Please go through the slides.
Project brief;
UK Construction Industry
Construction output in the UK is more than £110 billion per annum and contributes 7% of GDP (ref. Government Construction Strategy). Approximately a quarter of construction output is public sector and three quarters is private sector.There are three main sectors (ref. Government Construction Strategy):
Commercial and social (approximately 45%). Residential (approximately 40%).Infrastructure (approximately 15%).
Approximately 60% of construction output is new build, whilst 40% is refurbishment and maintenance.(ref:
IN CLASS CASE STUDYILO 1 – 3 – Formative – Strategic Formulation for a Construction Firm
The Company – ABC Corporation
ABC Corporation is a medium sized construction company located in Coventry, founded in 2005. The company is classified as a medium sized company with a direct employment of 125 people and a turnover of around £60 million, 2019-2020 (Pre-COVID) and profit before tax at about 22%. There are 4 founding members providing a combined construction and management experience of about 70+ years. The driving philosophy of ABC Corporation is to deliver Value for their customer; operate an ethically and environmentally responsible business; provide progression and fulfilment to its employees while contributing to the betterment of the community within which the business operates.
ABC Corporation is a well-established design and construction company offering a wealth of very modern and innovative experience and expertise. It delivers a wide range of projects and expertise both in the private and public sector and their project portfolio ranges from residential new build housing estates, extensions, refurbishment and landscaping to restoring listed buildings and charities besides industrial and public works. ABC Corporation is also continuously involved in education and health sector projects up to a value of £3 million (single project).
A significant part of its work is brought in by the 4 founders in the areas of their expertise:
Civil and Structural design
Quantity Surveying, Contract Administration, Arbitration and Dispute
Building Surveying for public and private clients includes complete remedial works, insurance, warranties and guarantees besides dilapidations
Construction Management, Cost and Project Management
All four founders are also qualified and/or chartered expert witnesses in your
area of specialism
The Scene
The Strategic Planning meeting held in September 2021 amongst the 4 founding members was specifically targeted to deliver the following:
Set a new vision for the company (vision statement)
Earlier attempts at this just said: – “we aim to deliver the best value for our customers” which is not very reassuring.Given the position of the company in the market today and with an eye for the future, besides providing the much-needed direction for its employees; ABC Corporation has now decided to formulate a new vision statement that can encapsulate the company’s grand vision for the future.
The vision statement will obviously be followed by a mission statement which will specifically illustrate the following about the business:
What it does?
Who does it for?
How it does what it does?
Besides espouses the value the organisation stands for
A mission statement may also define the objectives to achieve the vision
envisaged in the first place
The third target is by far the most significant one at the Strategic Planning
meeting held amongst the founders, the brief for which is given below:West Midlands is currently experiencing £1 billion worth of construction which is largely commercial especially student accommodation, academic buildings, residential estates, hospitals, clinics and infrastructure projects.With so much built assets currently underway, the obvious conclusion is that they will have to be maintained in the future to keep them in good shape and order.The board of ABC Corporation is now exploring the feasibility of entering the independent facilities management business. It is expected of the new business to deliver at least 20-25% of the total turnover of the company in the next 10 years specifically targeting commercial built assets in a 40-50-mile radius around Coventry.
Please note that this is a vertical integration strategy for ABC Corporation and as such will require a diligent study and approach.
Your consultancy has been retained by ABC Corporation as the Strategy Consultants to help steer them in their intended direction.You will help the founders establish a well-meaning vision statement and mission objectives besides take on the bigger task of advising them on:
How and why they should/could expand into independent facilities management for commercial assets in and around Coventry?
Help formulate a successful action plan based on sound and diligent study of the various factors that will impact/influence the decision.
You will be leading a team of consultants from your office who will analyse, evaluate and formulate a strategic plan besides the implementation and monitoring methodologies to help ABC Corporation achieve its grand vision of adding independent facilities management to its portfolio of construction related businesses.
Task 1:
Vision statement
Task 2:
Mission Statement
Task 3:
For the given strategic plan; perform the following for the given industry & company:
Industry & Market especially for FM
Balanced Scorecard (set objectives as shown in the slides)
PESTEL Analysis
Porter’s 5 Forces
SWOT Analysis (first trial with external information in hand)
VRIO Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Core Competency and Capability Analysis
Task 4:
Strategy Framework – Choice, rationale and application
Task 5:
Implementation Strategy – Hoshin Kanri
Monitoring and Feedback systems