The Starbucks Experience

This assignment has 2 parts. 
1. After reading Principle 2 in The Starbucks Experience by Joseph Michelli: What can school leaders do to improve the school environment, based on the ideas put forth in the text? Detail ideas you plan to utilize when you assume a school leadership role.

2. In Chapter 3 of Good to Great, the discussion points toward getting the right people on the bus (those who are self-motivated by an inner drive to produce the best results). Selecting people with the character, work ethic, intelligence, dedication, and values to do this type of job is difficult. Discuss how a school leader can best go about selecting the right people. Also, describe what an administrator should do when he determines that someone on the staff is on the wrong bus (not just in the wrong seat).

Unit 3 Reading Assignments
Principle 2 (Michelli text)
Chapter 3 (Collins text)