This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions Chester thinks philosophy is

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.
Chester thinks philosophy is a useless subject and resents having to enroll in a Philosophy class here at CCA.  Convince Chester in at least 850 words, that he is mistaken about philosophy by explaining to him that the field is worthwhile, and as a result he will benefit from exposure to it.   Present your case to Chester as cogently as you can.   Use your best thinking that articulates good arguments employing correct logical inferences in a well organized essay (Distinct, strong, labeled and clear)   In order to increase your effectiveness in persuading Chester to appreciate Philosophy, your paper must utilize the following areas of emphasis covered in class. 
Note: This is not a paper that focuses on what topics are covered in philosophy, but rather on the skills, uses, and/or benefits that can be gained from taking philosophy classes.  So be sure your 1st three arguments maintain this focus.  You do no want 3 arguments that list some of the different areas of philosophy and then list examples of issues covered.
These areas are: 
Communicate to Chester the objective characteristics displayed in the field of philosophy by way of at least 3 arguments that are distinct, strong, and clearly labeled  (These would be arguments that highlight the various uses for philosophy and the skills it develops.  See articles at your D2L announcements about the marketability of Philosophy, see first week’s handout, etc.).  
After you have presented your three arguments above, everyone finishes with the same fourth argument.  This argument is to stress the relevant historical, epistemological contexts that reveal the “uniqueness” of philosophy.  There was a time in history when nobody had the privilege to benefit from this way of thinking to gain knowledge (See timeline handout).
Here is a helpful outline template to give you an idea of what I am looking for in this 2nd Mini-essay.
Dear Chester,
¶  I heard you mention the other day that you are not looking forward to taking a philosophy class next semester.  On the contrary, I believe that you should look forward to the class for several good reasons.  Philosophy is a worthwhile subject because______________, ___________, ____________ , and ___________.    Let me now elaborate as follows (Be sure to articulate Strong, Distinct, Labeled and Clear arguments below).
(Sources to help below: First week’s handout and discussion, as well as the two articles about the marketability of philosophy majors located at your D2L Announcements can help with your research.)
¶  A main reason why I believe you will benefit from a philosophy class is because…………..
¶  A second argument supporting my exhortation to take a philosophy class is………..
¶  A third reason centers on the fact………….
¶  Lastly, I would like to finish out by arguing that enrolling in a philosophy class enables you to appreciate the progress humanity has made in its methods of investigation and questioning.  It truly is a privilege once you realized how far we have come. The philosophical way of thinking actually emerged in reaction to the Greek Mythological framework ………..See grading rubric attached below for details on this 4th argument.
 (For this last argument, the following will be helpful sources: The “Philosophy Timeline covered in class, all the class handouts on metaphysics, etc. )
¶  In sum Chester………
A brief encapsulating sum with a final important thought to leave the reader with to contemplate
Chester Mini Essay #2 Grading Criteria
Part I: Intro
A:  There is a clear thesis or intent of the letter expressed.
B:  The arguments to follow in the body are listed in this Intro by the use of “pithy” labels.  There should be 4 argument labels in the same order as they will appear, and be explained in the body of your paper.
Below are the specific areas that needed improvement in your essay.  These areas are identified by A, B, etc. and each letter is explained in the description box just to the left.  If letters are not listed below, this means that you met the respective criteria for that letter.
Part II: Body of the paper.
A:  Each of the arguments 1, 2 and 3 are distinct, strong and clearly explained with single focus.  Each has a concise label.
B:  The last argument (argument 4) effectively communicates how far humanity has come with the philosophical way of thinking, producing the conclusion that Chester should regard taking a philosophy class has a great privilege.  That he should take advantage of this way of thinking that was not available in the past.  An accurate concise, but brief timeline of Greek intellectual history is provided  that effectively explains the dialectical conversation, the back and forth between the following periods/thinkers:  Greek Mythology, Pre-Socratics, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle up to the present (Do not go into individual Pre-Socratic philosophers at all).
Overall length and grammar.
A:  The essay meets the required Word count of 850 words.  Below word count lowers points.
B:  There are no significant grammar/spelling issues.  Sentences are concise, easy to understand.  They are not awkward sentences that require the reader to re-read due to ambiguity.