This is your Attendance Assignment What prompt have you chosen? The prompt

This is your Attendance Assignment 
What prompt have you chosen?
The prompt that I have chosen is endangered species in Florida.
Why did you choose this prompt?
I chose this topic because I love animals, especially animals that live in the ocean and I know that there is a serious problem with that needs to be addressed in regards to these animals.
What do you know about this topic?
I think I know a decent amount about this topic, not a lot but enough.
What do you need to find out about this topic?
Research ways to help these animals and what can affect their lives positively.
Think of a name for your company.
My company is called The Marine Animal’s Mariners.
Briefly explain why your company should be chosen for this product.  This is purely fictional.  Talk about your background (fake), experience, etc. 
This company should be chosen because it was created by someone with a ton of ocean experience and someone who has a deep passion for marine life. Anyone who joins our team must have experience and show the same love for animals.