This project requires you to select one multinational firm. You are expected

This project requires you to select one multinational firm. You are expected to evaluate a) two countries in which the firm has a presence, b) two countries in which the firm does not have a presence and you deem attractive for entry, c) two countries in which the firm does not have a presence and you deem unattractive for entry, and d) firm related aspects. We choose (Pfizer)
The purpose of this assignment is to allow an in-depth investigation and evaluation of the international business environment rather than a mere documentation of facts. Fundamentally, the project allows you to demonstrate your skills in diagnosis of the international business environment, recommendations for managing this environment and communication of this in the written report and oral presentations. You are expected to apply the concepts learned in class, and using your imagination and judgment to develop insights and formulate recommendations.
Please make sure that you present a current analysis by using data that is within the last five years, and supplement with historical data when asked for example to compare trends over time or examine transformation of systems. Make sure you provide support for claims with firm specific information, rather than general claims.
Project Outline
Required Sections
Firm description – Introduction and overview of the firm in the international business context, must include the following:
Extent and evaluation of globalization of markets, production for your firm
Trends in trade, investment and barriers to them, over time, for the industry to which your firm belongs
Identification and discussion of specific competitors (must identify competitors from home market as well as overseas markets) that pose challenges for the firm
Comparison of firm performance relative to the industry norm and relative to the competitors
Protests against globalization in which your firm or its industry has been a target
Final assessment and recommendations on critical actions the firm must take based on your analysis of the 4 selected components.
a. Key strategic issues (synthesis and ranking of critical issues in the international arena on which the firm should focus, based on your evaluation of the four sections below)
b. Recommendations and alternatives that the firms should pursue to address these issues
c. Rationale for selection of options
d. Implementation plan (timeframe, resource allocation needs)
In addition to these required sections, please include any four of the following components. Select components where you have sufficient data about the countries and firm actions in those countries. Some components for example 3, 4, 5 need evidence from countries and firm, some components like 6, 7, 8 rely to greater extent on the firm or its industry and some, like 9 onward need firm specific evidence.
National differences in political, economic and legal systems
National differences in economic development
Differences in culture
Ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability
International trade theory and policy
Foreign direct investment
Strategy and structure
Market entry – emerging and developed markets
Global production
Other functions – select either human resources or R&D, marketing, analytics
Project must also include
Exhibits to support claims
References (APA or MLA format acceptable)
Additional guidance
Ensure that the project relates to the class content, focus on aspects of international business. Use the chapters associated with each section (section topics map to specific modules in the syllabus) to guide your analysis and evaluation. You are expected to apply the ideas discussed in the chapter in the context of the firm and countries that you select, like we did for the compare and contrast cases. However, unlike the cases, where the information was provided, you will have to research your company and industry to get the information. Additionally, draw analogies or contrasts with the countries and firms discussed (in the newspaper articles and cases) in those sessions.
Back up claims and recommendations with supporting research (cited) on countries, industry and the firm.
Make sure that the different sections of the project do not contradict each other in their claims. Even if the work is divided across individual members, make sure that the final project is a cohesive read rather than several disconnected parts. Also make sure that different parts of the project do not overlap with each other, make sure your section covers material required in that associated chapter. This implies that an investment of time is required in group members reading through the entire project and resolving contradictions and overlaps
Recommendations should flow from the analysis, i.e. from the four components that you select. Use your evaluation to offer specific suggestions for the company.
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Draft review
Drafts (full or partial) may be submitted for review and feedback until December 5th, early draft submissions are recommended so you have sufficient time to revise prior to final submission on December 16th.
The time allocated for presentation is 11 minutes per group, followed by 2 minutes for Q&A. Please time yourself, I will have to stop you when time is up, to ensure all groups are able to present. Focus on the essential points and recommendations of your report rather than trying to cover all the details. All members of the team are expected to participate in the final presentation.
I will use the following criteria to grade the oral presentation:
Focus on essential issues and recommendations, use of class concepts
Presentation style – clarity and persuasiveness
Creativity – quality and effectiveness of graphic materials, creative exercises,
Considerate and informative treatment of questions
Cohesiveness of group presentation
Best presentation prize on the basis of peer scores
Presentation slots in one of three sessions on Nov 30th , Dec 2nd or Dec 9th will be on the basis of a random draw in the next session
Protests Against Globalization