Topic: Food Security General Instructions Work process: Define one or more research

Topic: Food Security
General Instructions
Work process:
Define one or more research questions
Do research: visit the library, access the e-library, browse the internet for scientific papers on the subject. If needed: change or re-define your research question(s).
Prepare an outline for the paper (feel free to ask your teacher for feedback/advice)
Do more research and write a critical, analytical and argumentative paper answering your research question(s).
Throughout the paper, always quote your sources.
Project and Presentation GUIDELINES
Project set-up:
Title Page.
Table of Contents: here you sum up your chapters and sub-chapters, including page numbers. Introduction: here you mention your topic/central idea, provide a brief background, and raise your research question(s) or state something you are trying to answer/prove in your paper
Main part (structured into sub-chapters): here you analyze the topic using your sources, focusing on the statement or question(s) raised in your introduction.
Findings/conclusion: here you sum up the main.points/findings of your paper. Point out whether your thesis proved right or wrong or answer the question(s) raised in your introduction..
Bibliography/Works Cited: here you add a list of the sources you have used.
A Project should be the original work of the student.
Use at least 4 different references from books, journals, magazine articles, newspapers and on-line materials. Use APA Style of Citation (available in the Portal).
The paper should be min 5 pages long without the cover page and references. Paper must be formatted in MS word, Font New Times Roman 12, spaced 1.5. Papers must be saved in MS Word format and upload into the Portal.
All papers will be checked for plagiarism, using the AUE approved software “Turnitin”. A paper that shows over 10% of similarity index, all inclusive, will not be accepted.
FONT: Times New Roman or Arial 12, spacing 2
You should not use any information from Wikipedia, and/or list Wikipedia as a reference for your case study.
Kindly note I have to do a presentation for the paper
I would prefer if Each paragraph with its (topic/ title)