Topic3 DQ 2 response 1 386 Michaiah Horne Jack Nathan’s book “Psychodynamic

Topic3 DQ 2 response 1 386Michaiah Horne
Jack Nathan’s book “Psychodynamic Theory The Essential Elements” Talks about the issues that we clinicians face or will face when dealing with the psychodynamic framework. Transference mean that past experiences that are necessarily repeated in the future (Davies, 2013). As in Countertransference is when a therapist transfers emotions to a person in therapy, That is when transference comes into play in being the act of a person transferring their feelings about someone onto a another person. Based of the CSWE there are several competencies that I find to be essential for countertransference and transference. Such as Social justice, The cause of human connections, Human rights, Integrity, etc (CSWE,2020). Therefore it is important to always maintain professionalism in the aid of creating and keeping boundaries.
Michaiah H.
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