Tourism Hospitality and Event Future

The growing globalization and global extent of tourism activity over the last 50 years can be explained by a range of factors but a flattening of percentage growth has periodically occurred in recent years”.

  • Select two of these “range of factors” and discuss how these two factors have encouraged the growth in international tourism over the last 50 years.
  • Explain what aspects have caused this periodic flattening of growth, specifically in the Asia Pacific region.

Submission Guidelines

  • Correct Report format, including Executive Summary and printed in one and a half spacing using size 12 font.
  • Students should use formal language and should avoid using casual languages such as slang and abbreviations. For example, instead of saying, “don’t” use “do not”; instead of saying, “wouldn’t,” say “would not, etc.
  • The report must be written in the ‘third’ person
  • Reference should be made to a range of other sources such as books, journal articles, and newspaper articles.
  • A list of references is required at the end of the Research Report listing all materials which have been made direct reference to in the body of the work. The list of references should contain at least six (6) references to sources of information, mainly university standard sources such as textbooks and journal articles, with fewer industry sources such as industry magazines, websites, and or newspaper articles. Any tables or figures should be included in an Appendix but must be referred to in the body of the work.

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