Training Title 21 Video content/Information to use alongside with Patient’s info Patient

Training Title 21 Video content/Information to use alongside with Patient’s info
Patient tends to shift a lot in his chair and seems startled/nervous, very hypervigilant and was reluctant to speak at the beginning of the interview. His fiancé demand him to meet up with the psychiatrist
His fiancé demanded that he see a psychiatrist because of him being triggered by fireworks and him having flashbacks of the past event that happened during service as a solider.
The event that lead to him to see a psychiatrist happened 3 nights ago during a county fair he attended with his fiancé- while they are having fun the sudden outburst of firework “sky full of explosion” which frightened the patient and triggered past event of war in the Patient’s memory. This suddenly firework outburst lead to the patient running and was grabbed and pinned down by officers but the patient immediately yelled out that he was a veteran they knew their place and backed off because they were also veterans and the officers helped calm him down.
He gets the same feelings around negative situations and loud noises (car backfire, cutting of circular saw) like how he felt about the fireworks, he also mentions how he gets triggered from some smells such as diesel fuel, chopper smells, smell of burning flesh
Patient was breathing heavily when mentioned the smell of burning flesh and remembered two of his friends that got burned when their area was blown up in the army
He doesn’t feel comfortable talking about the smell of how his friends got burned and he suddenly became scary and tearful.
He mentioned that every night he dreams about the past events that triggered him and makes him feel as if he shouldn’t sleep at all.
He also mentioned that he gets nervous during traffic; he can’t stand traffic because it feels as if he’s stuck and feels like enemies are everywhere and on lookout for them.
When he was over traffic 4 of his other friends got killed by other people on the road and he saw it happened, he could see people staring at him per patient.
He can’t stand when his fiancé and her mother are fighting that triggers him as well
He doesn’t want to go anywhere because of how easily he gets scared and triggered by people’s actions, he just wants to stay in his room all day and he doesn’t want to sleep because of the nightmares feel he should run to a hole.
Patient hasn’t seen or related his current situation to anyone except the interviewer from this video
Sometimes the patient feel nauseated with tight abdominal muscle
The patient felt relaxed and happier when the interviewer told him that it is good that the patient talk about the past event/situation and that the patient will be scheduled for another section so they can work together and feel better