Tywana Battle Professor G Skok- Disanto BUSM 2650 27 February 2022 Shark

Tywana Battle
Professor G Skok- DisantoBUSM 265027 February 2022
Shark Tank
Shark Tank is a business reality television show that has seen major entrepreneurial presentations for business pitches and opportunities for investors. Talking about the presentations, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary and Daymond Johns are some of the impressive entrepreneurs to evaluate throughout this discussion based on their Shark Tank show presentations for their products. The three entrepreneurs are all successful at the show, and their projects are worth investing in since they attracted huge profits in the long run. Therefore, throughout this paper, we evaluate the above three entrepreneurs based on the products they presented before the shark tank show with the aim of helping in the identification of the great aspects that underlie a successful business pitch. Firstly, Barbara Corcoran being a successful entrepreneur at the above show, ensured her presentation showcased a possible opportunity for other investors. Barbara is incredible in his presentation and product choice. She presents herself as an open-minded individual who speaks from the experience of her heart and mind. Her time in the shark tank show was marked by captivating and value-based investment options, which she guaranteed to the show. Barbara ensured no one walked out the same again in her presentation; she granted the best advice for business start-ups, for growing and expanding business and also investing entirely in worthy projects (Nsb.com). However, Barbara’s credentials mostly contained flunked courses and Ds, which meant before the audience that one’s credentials might not matter much in business success or performance. Barbara’s belief in success caused her to invest in comfy, which saw her later gain massively. On the other hand, Kevin O’Leary is among the best entrepreneurs worth discussing when it comes to business pitch presentations at shark tank’s television business reality show. In his overall presentation, Kevin O’Leary explains how his parents raised him shaped his business visions. He talks about crucial lessons from the same parents who raised him. Additionally, based on his presentation, O’Leary can be understood as an interactive person who is able to balance business and emotional needs through his business pitch. Kevin O’Leary makes the audience comprehend what he understands and believes in when it comes to business success, money-making, entrepreneurship and hard work, and the same applies to his peers (Nsb.com). Having invested in products like wicked good cupcakes, Kevin O’Leary believes his fundamentals in business remain crucial and significant for individuals of all ages and in varied fields. Moreover, Daymond John is another great entrepreneur at the above-anticipated show. Daymond values his tactics in business ventures since he believes they can hardly miss out on causing success in life and businesswise, even for the audience. Most importantly, Daymond stands to be relevant in his entire presentation, which turns out to be captivating and involving for the most audience (Nsb.com). His ability to share benefits and value-based information while resonating with most listeners in his advice and tips makes him an incredible presenter who does not only qualify to win the hearts of business owners but also CEOs. Nevertheless, his interaction with the audience showcases an individual with vast capabilities that underlie business success through induced performance and productivity. He believes in improving workers’ morale and positively impacting sales and overall production. His credibility in business pitch and presentation for the above show is evident through a decision he made to invest in ‘Bombas’, and at the same time care for the needy, hence a balance between a business idea and emotional need.In summary, all the above entrepreneurs are willing to help by sharing their experiences in investments and businesses that have paid off. Their desire to share the above information concerning their success showcases how equipped they are in business insights and opportunities reflection worth winning or luring investors to resonate about. Barbara is seen to be a courageous and confident person who uses her abilities for self-advantage, while Daymond remains charismatic before the audience, and Kevin O’Leary seems to be a very caring fellow who always ensures his audience benefits from his tips and conceptions.   
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