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Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Links to an external site.) (BLS) website: 1. find and record the national seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for April 2016, and April 2020. 2. Find and record the California state seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for April 2016, and April 2020 (Hint: start with “Subjects” in the blue bar at the top of the page). 3. According to “Industry at a Glance” (hint: one of the “Data Tools”) find and record the unemployment rate for the Leisure and Hospitality supersector for February 2021. 4. Find and record the definition, including the “Note:”, for “Unemployed” in the Glossary (Hint drill down under “Home”). 5. Locate the BLS report A Profile of the Working Poor, 2019 (Hint: use the BLS search box or look under “Publications” and then drill down to “Reports”) and record how many individuals, described as the “working poor” in the first paragraph of that report, fell below the “official poverty level” in 2019. 6. Using Table 2 (not Chart 2) of this same report, which racial/ethnic group of people in the labor force “16 years and older” had the largest number (not rate) “Below poverty level”: a) White, b) Black or African American, c) Asian, or d)Hispanic or Latino? 7. Finally, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics) what is “projected” to be the “Fastest Growing” (by “growth rate”) occupation between 2020-2030? Only half credit for late postings!