Unit 2 DB: Reliable Sources Responses In your two peer responses, provide

Unit 2 DB: Reliable Sources
In your two peer responses, provide an interesting unreliable source for your classmates to consider. Remember that the source should still be appropriate for discussion in the classroom. Let’s see who can find the most interesting unreliable source.
 A reliable source is also credible.  You can trust a reliable source.  A reliable souce has evidence of what they are saying is true.  While an unreliable source has no evidence to prove that it is credible.  I suppose one way to distinguish between the two is to say that you have a truthful person versus a liar.   That is what I think about it anyways.  With that being said, I think the biggest difference between “reliable” and “unreliable” source is that you can trust the reliable source and not the s based on the information they have gathered as evidence.  
   Now I am going to tell you why I think a “reliable scholarly”is stressed in academic writing.  First I think it could be the fact that we need to learn the truth about what we are writing about.  And writing the truth in our notes in our career field’s is a must for ome people.  In my career field I find this to not only helpful, but something that has to be done.  I will also need to show evidence as to what I am writing in my work notes and clients files.  Without it my client may not be getting the help they need.
I think the biggest difference between an unreliable source and a reliable source would be the accuracy of the information that is used. In an unreliable source things may be left out, skipped or just flat out wrong. In a reliable source you’ll know the information will be accurate, full of the proper details and factual.
Reliable and scholar sources would be highly recommended due to the fact that the information will be accurate, and have all the information on the topic you are researching and will be free of errors. They would also be checked by another expert in the field to ensure the information is correct. So by recommending these two sources you would save us time, energy and probably our grades.
Unit 2 DB: Organizational Culture
In response to your classmates, discuss the similarities and differences of the cultures you are researching and sharing.
Walmart defines culture as, “our values in action”.
• Service to the Customer
• Respect for the individual
• Strive for Excellence
• Act with Integrity
Sam Watson’s beliefs( values) of yesterday are the same (values) that Walmart follows today. “It’s how we deliver superior customer service, create great frontline work experience, and improve performance”. The values (culture) is the foundation that holds the organization together
Walmart uses a hierarchical functional organizational structure which makes their organization stable. The most important aspect in guiding behavior of an employee and a manager leading a team and making decisions is integrity. Integrity builds trust with their associates, customers and business.
Organizarional culture is a term that descibes a vast majority of bussinesses. The organization I’ve chosen is Apple Inc. The three aspects of Apple Inc. that i believe make the connection between this week’s reading materials and Apple are Creativity, Moderate Combativeness and Top-Notch Excellence.
Apple Inc. has been impressing the world with their designs since the beginning. Everytime there is a new product or an upgrade to an existing Apple product, their ideas never seem to disappoint. Apple believes in their employees ideas and that helps the creativity process grow and succeed.
Moderate combativeness is another aspect that Apple has. Apple is known to feels the need to be guaranteed that their employees are the best fit for their company. They do this by throwing challenges at them when least expected. Even though this has slowed down at Apple it is still in effect but becoming less than moderate. 
Lastly is Apple’s Top Notch Excellence. Apple is known to commend their employees for their outstanding quality. The reason I chose these three aspects to compare to this week’s reading is because the first reading was about how Amazon is innovative, but at the same time do not seem to practice moderate or even low combativeness with their employees, nor Top Notch Excellence, like Apple inc. 
The aspect that is most important in grading employees behavior is Top-Notch Excellence. This is important for any business to succeed. Employees need to feel that their hard work is thought of and appreciated and it helps any business run smoothly. 
The aspect that is most important for managers leading a team and making decisions is moderate combativeness. Being certain that your employees work is met with the company’s standards can benefit the company to flourish. It is always important to have a good and functional team in any business.
LINK: panmore.com/apple-inc-organizational-culture.features-implications
An example of an organization is Tesla. One of the key aspects of Tesla’s organizational culture is constant innovation. Constant innovation is ingrained in the company’s organizational culture. Employees are encouraged to constantly make innovations. They have to conduct research and identify solutions to various problems. Constant innovation is a competitive advantage of the firm. Another aspect is the use of first principle-method. This method requires the employees to think deeper. The principle is based on identification of the root factors for solving real-world problems and understanding them. There are training programs to new employees so they understand how to use the first principle-method. Another key aspect of Tesla’s organizational culture is doing things differently. Employees are allowed to experiment various ways of doing things.
The organizational culture is innovative. The most important aspect that guides employee behavior is innovation. Employees have to make ambitious innovations. The company focuses on disrupting the market through innovations. Employees have to identify new ways of doing things regularly. They have to solve existing problems through their innovations. The most important aspect for the managers is being people-oriented. The managers have to listen to the employees. They also have to encourage them to make innovations and solve existing problems. Managers should motivate the employees and listen to their concerns. They should ensure that the employees have a good environment for developing cutting-edge electric cars. The managers should reward employees for their constant innovation. They should pay more salaries and wages to employees that solve problems and contribute to innovations in the company.

Tesla Organizational Culture: a brief overview

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