Valley City, ND, Demographics Population: 8,295 (up from 6,585 in 2010 census)

Valley City, ND, Demographics
Population: 8,295 (up from 6,585 in 2010 census)
Median Age: 43.6 years. 17.1% under age 18; 14.8% between 18 and 24; 21.1% between 25 and 44; 24.9% 46 – 64; 22% 65 or older.
Officially, residents are 93% white, 3% Latino, 2% African-American, 1% Native American, 1% other.
—additionally, unknown number of undocumented migrant workers with limited English proficiency
Special needs: 204 residents are elderly with complex health conditions; 147 physically disabled and/or use lip-reading or American Sign Language to communicate.
Note that the Valley City Homeless shelter runs at capacity and is generally unable to accommodate all of the city’s homeless population. Also, the city is in the midst of a financial crisis, with bankruptcy looming, and has instituted layoffs at the police and fire departments.
Valley City Region Hospital Fact Sheet
105-bed hospital (currently 97 patients; 5 on ventilators, 2 in hospice care.)
NOTEWORTHY: Both of VCRH’s ambulances are aging and in need of overhaul. Also, much of the hospital’s basic infrastructure and equipment is old and showing wear. The hospital has run at persistent deficits and has been unable to upgrade; may be looking at downsizing nursing staff.