Vulnerabilities in Populations – Due 28 July, 2021 Discussion Question: Part 1:

Vulnerabilities in Populations – Due 28 July, 2021
Discussion Question:
Part 1: Review the Healthy People 2020 official site, choose a topic you have an interest in. Navigate this topic and discuss the key components from the site inclusive of objectives, interventions, and resources available. Describe why you chose the topic and what you found eye-opening about the initiative. Were you surprised this resource was available? Add anything else you would like to share about this topic.
Part 2: Chronic conditions consume the largest portion of the health delivery system and have an enormous human and financial toll. Research a journal article demonstrating chronic conditions and their toll on our U.S. health system. Provide the articles in APA format in your discussion thread and briefly highlight surprising statistics, causes, findings, solutions or additional quandaries pertaining to how the healthcare system can better serve or eliminate these inequities. Discuss who is financially or mentally impacted by the overwhelming number of patients in need for chronic health services.
Assignment #2: Public Health Initiative For this assignment, complete a 12-15 slide presentation with speaker notes.
As a health care administrator with a passion for public health initiatives, you have been charged by CMS to create a multidisciplinary health facility aimed at reducing the prevalence of one of the costly and deadly chronic disease in your region. There has been 50years of constant experimentation of reimbursement approaches, public health initiatives and workforce changes aimed at making this population healthier.
1.For this assignment please choose a chronic disease. Describe this disease in detail while incorporating the costs, barriers of access to care, social and environmental determinants associated, workforce requirements. Include statistics to prove why this is such an important initiative.
2. Next, identify and show us the ideal structure needed to serve these patients. What are your barriers to serving these patients? Tell us who will pay for this program. How will you find patients? Who could you possibly collaborate with when conflict arises? Who do you predict would oppose this project? What has been tried and failed?
3.Do you feel this disease could possibly be managed or have changes in health care financing and provider shortages made this chronic disease worse over the years?
4.Describe your final recommendation(s) for multi-disciplinary alliances aimed at individual states.
5.Explain why your recommendation(s) would be successful.
Master’s Level, with APA 7th edition citations.
Part 1 – 2 pages. Part 2 – 4 pages. Assignment – as indicated 12-15 ppt slides with speaker notes.