Watch: Worship and the Kingdom of God So this week we’re beginning

Watch: Worship and the Kingdom of God
So this week we’re beginning our discussion on worship and the Kingdom of God. And these two concepts may seem unrelated, but they’re vitally linked together. So let’s start by breaking this down. Burst the theology of the Kingdom of God. So Kingdom is defined as a territory of which The Ruling Authority has control. And the person who was in charge of the Kingdom is called the sovereign. And sovereign means the absolute right to do all things according to his good pleasure. So the sovereign is the final authority for anything and everything that happens in the kingdom. And throughout the Bible, we see this repeated theme of the Kingdom of God got established. This pattern of the kingdom in the Garden of Eden. That’s our first picture of, of what a perfect Kingdom should look like. But when Adam and Eve disobeyed choosing their own personal kingdoms to build their own kingdoms. There ways God set into motion his plan to redeem his people back to himself and bring back his perfect kingdom. And this was and still is being accomplished through Jesus. So we’ve talked about the theology of the Kingdom. Now how does that relate to worship? Well, the Greek and Hebrew words for worship found throughout the Bible mean to bow down. And when we bow down, we are physically expressing the submission that is in our hearts to that thing to which we bow. In John 14, Jesus puts it this way. If you love Me, you will keep My commandments. And so perhaps worship is best seen in obedience. My pastor likes to tell the story of a father and a son and this relationship that they have. And the father says to the sun, one day sun, will you take out the trash? And the son says, Sure, Dad, I’d be glad to. But the day goes by and he doesn’t take out the trash. And then the next day the father says, Son, will you take out the trash? And, and the son says, yes, of course, I’d love to do that. And then the day goes by and the sun doesn’t do it. So then the next day the father says, son, do you love me? Yes, Dad, Of course, I love you. Then take out the trash. You see, we can say with our lives that we worship God, but if we did not obey Him, we’re not actually submitting ourselves, bowing down, worshiping God. We’re not choosing to come under the submission of his authority. And this is how worship and the Kingdom of God come together. When we follow Jesus, we choose to deny ourselves and follow him. We lay down the tiny kingdoms that we have built up and ruled over ourselves. We bring them all under the submission of the Kingdom of God are ultimate sovereign. And we show him that we are ready to worship him not only with our lips, but with our actions, our hearts, our souls, our minds, our strength, everything. Now this is not an easy task, and as you study, i want you to notice the sin cycle that Israel was caught up in. This is both a challenge and an encouragement to us. As you study, I think you’ll find that a lot of the challenges that Israel faced are the same things that we face today. And yet our king has always been about the business of redeeming his people and his kingdom. And so we have an opportunity to ask God for help in our worship of him. Singer-songwriter Lauren Diego wrote a song that sums up what I think is a great version of the concept of worship and of the Kingdom of God is a song called once and for all. And in those lyrics of the chorus, she says, Oh, let this be where I die, my Lord, with the crucified BE lifted high as my kingdoms fall once and for all, once and for all, let’s pray. Father, I thank you that we have an opportunity to come before you. Thank you for the right relationship that we have with you through Jesus. And I ask, as we study this week, would you reveal to us those tiny kingdoms that we have created that are not under your submission, would you be lifted high as they fall in your name? Jesus amen