Website Critique In this assignment, we will develop a set of criteria

Website Critique
In this assignment, we will develop a set of criteria by which to evaluate a website.
Choose two websites
Use your criteria to evaluate each of them
Write up a report that describes which website is best
Include criteria and evaluations
Include website URLs
Required Downloads You will need the following programs to complete the exercises and assignments in this course:
XAMPP (Links to an external site.)
MySQL Workbench (Links to an external site.)
Optional Downloads Downloads could be used to complete course assignments and activities:
Sun/Oracle Java SDK (Links to an external site.)
ArgoUML (Links to an external site.) (Design and Code Generation feature)
Notepad++ (see your textbook for details)
FrontPage (Links to an external site.)
Dreamweaver (Links to an external site.)
Flash (Links to an external site.)
Fireworks (Links to an external site.)
Textbook :
Web Programming and Internet Technologies, 2nd ed. (2016). Scobey, P., & Lingras, P. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Chapter 1In this chapter, we will identify what the Internet is, the World Wide Web, client-server architecture, and the client server model. We will also briefly examine XHMTL, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, and XML.
Chapter 2In this chapter, we will be establishing a web presence. We will identify what an Internet service provider (ISP) is and the tools a web developer needs to get started. We will also identify some of the issues you may encounter when uploading your files to the Web.