Week 1 Assignment: Competitive Analysis and Creating a Persona According to Kathy,

Week 1 Assignment: Competitive Analysis and Creating a Persona
According to Kathy, a persona is a “fictional individual created to describe a specific user. (2015, p. 41)”
For this assignment, you need to write three sections. Each section has its own word limit. You should submit your work in one pdf or word document that contains all of the following sections to the D2L dropbox by May 23, 3 PM.
First, choose one product in reality (as well as one competitive product or service) to create your persona and conduct a brief competitive analysis. For example, it could be a VR headset (e.g., Oculus Quest) or an AI speaker (e.g., Alexa). You should mention at least one competitive product or service. Then, Identify TWO Strengths and TWO weaknesses of your product and compare it with the competitor product or service. (Word Limit: 130-150 words).
Second, create one persona for the product that you have chosen. Your persona should be primary users. No word limit for this section except for h (See below).
Your persona should include the following items:
Identity (including user’s first and last name, age, job, education, location, income, family, ethnicity, and disabilities.)
User’s goals that are relevant to your product or competitor products
Skills and/or expertise of your user (it may include special training, specialized skills, and occupational skills)
Tasks that your user conducts which may be relevant to your chosen product.
Requirements of your user’s to use the chosen product (e.g., high-speed internet, specific skills)
Expectations of your user towards the chosen product
Photography of your user (please choose copyright-free images)
Description of your user’s daily life that may or may not be relevant to your product. For reference, please review the textbook (understanding your users p. 43)
(Word Limit for h: 300-400 words)
Third, To create helpful personas, you need to research your product to understand who would be actual end users of the product. Personas should represent reality based on actual data. Articulate the reasons and sources that should be the basis of your persona. You must include the citation of the source. Word limit: 100-150 words.
Grading Criteria (Full Credit: 120)
An actual product was chosen and at least one competitor was identified. Two strengths and two weaknesses compared to the competitor were identified. (30)
The persona includes all aspects from a to h (40)
The articulation of the relationship between the persona and the product is persuasive (30)
Word limit (10)
Grammar and Writing (10)
Baxter, K., Courage, C., & Caine, K. (2015). Understanding your users: a practical guide to user research methods. Morgan Kaufmann.