Week 4 Discussion “Fifteen Basic Advertising Appeals” 3 1 . Discussion Topic:

Week 4 Discussion “Fifteen Basic Advertising Appeals” 
1 . Discussion Topic: 
We are going to start to begin this week’s discussion by reading and analyzing Advertising Appeals. These appeals are used to market to a particular audience in an effort to sell products. Read the article, Jib Fowles “Advertising Fifteen Basic Appeals”,  Download “Advertising Fifteen Basic Appeals”, and review the following commercials to explore rhetorical analysis a bit more.
Disccussion Post: For this post, you will answer the following question:
Choose one of the commercials below and discuss which one of the fifteen appeals is the commercial using to persuade its audience. 
When discussing your commercial and appeal, make sure to explain in detail (At least 200 words).
In order to get full credit, you must respond to at least one classmates post in at least 100 words. 
Choose one of the following three commercials to analyze:

2. respond to Angelinas post in at least 100 words. 
Angelina L.
In the Pepsi commercial, one of the fifteen appeals used to persuade the audience is “The need for affiliation” (Fowles 276). It employs people from different backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses to join a public protest against social injustice. Everybody is smiling and joining the group, sharing a soda. The need for affiliation appeals to people’s need to belong with a group of people, especially when the group of people is doing something that is considered essential or the right thing to do in society. People who don’t participate or support the movement are considered “against” what the good people are doing. There is no doubt that protesting against social injustice is the right thing to do. It is not surprising that people of diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses are willing to join in opposing social injustice. Thus, this advertising uses “the need for affiliation appeal” (Fowles 276) to capture the attention of as many people as possible. This advertisement would have been successful because the idea and strategy were good. However, the problem was when Kendall Jenner offered Pepsi to a police officer. This act ruined the potential for the success of this advertisement because it simplified to a ridiculous point the solution to a severe and painful social problem. Drinking Pepsi cannot solve greed, racism, and police brutality.