Week 5 Lab Instructions Dear Students, I have already posted 10 heights

Week 5 Lab Instructions
Dear Students,
I have already posted 10 heights that you need to use for your week 5 lab. They are posted here in the discussion area. You can find it in both the announcement area and the week 5 discussion board area. 
In the Excel file, first put in my 10 heights; then put in your 10 heights. So, your Excel file should now have 20 different heights. Use these 20 heights to answer each of the lab questions. 
Again, please follow the instructions (and which some of you didn’t do for week 3 lab) — write down the question; then your answer; the question; then your answer, and so on. Labs are testing your knowledge about statistics and using software in computing statistical values. Labs are not testing your paper writing skills. So, please do not write a paper (and which some of you are doing with introductions, body, conclusions, etc; you are simply wasting your time; rather use that time to practice more statistics problems). For example, this is what your lab should look like: 
How does your height compare to the mean (average) height of the 20 values? Is your height taller, shorter, or the same as the mean of the sample?
The mean value of the 20 heights is 74 inches. My height is 70 inches. Thus, my height is shorter than the mean height (or my height is shorter than that mean value of the 20 heights). 
Please note that the lab has both the question and the answer. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. The lab has lots of questions. So, please make sure to answer each question in detail and provide explanations wherever needed. 
Attached please find the Excel file. Please make sure that the 10 heights from me are the first 10 heights on your Excel. Your 10 heights should come after my 10 heights. Look into the Excel file and look at my note to understand where your height should start. 
Dr. Dutta
Week 5 Ten Initial Heights_November 2021.xlsx
Please note that in your Excel file, you need to have my 10 heights at the beginning and then your 10 heights. 
I have also posted another post on the week 5 discussion area. It is titled, “Week 5 Lab Instructions.” Please look into it and follow the instructions to the point as labs need to be written in a special way. Please remember that you are not writing a paper, and thus there are some differences between writing a lab report and writing a paper. Thus, you need to follow the instructions while writing the lab report for week 5.