WEEK 6 INSTRUCTIONS I have included the instructions but please scroll down

I have included the instructions but please scroll down to see template and the work I have done in yellow. What is needed is expansion of some references and citations to make the 3 to 4 page requirement excluding title, abstract and reference page.
In this assignment, we expand the lesson on strategic planning steps. Nye (2019) provided eight steps for the creation of a strategic plan. In this assignment you will focus on the first four steps. Use the Strategic Planning Template to generate a simplified plan for your venture.
The assignment should include:
1.A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis of your venture and compare results to at least two competitors.
2Vision – State and explain the vision of your venture.
3.Mission Statement – Provide a mission statement for your venture consisting of no more than two complete sentences.
4.Organizational Values – Discuss at least three (3) values of your venture.
The assignment should be 3-4 pages (excluding the title, abstract, and reference pages).
Strategic Planning (title)
Running Head: Strategic Planning 1
Venture Overview
Provide information on venture. Be sure to include name, description of product/services, location, and customer information.
This business venture is called World Class Vineyard Care. It is a home assisted living
facility with approximately 6 to 8 beds. The location will be in the Inland Valley and will
offer an array of services for mostly ambulatory patients.The facility will offer affordable
semi and private rooms with full time care including medical care, bathing dressing, all
meals and activities for memory care and exercise, busing to doctor appointments and
outings in a warm home atmosphere.
SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis
In order to plan sufficiently, you need to know where you stand in general and in relation to your competition. You cannot get around conducting research regarding your industry and competition.
* affordable pricing
* a warm home versus a building facility
* semi and private rooms
* not a lot of competition in the area
* very strong experienced staff
*capable management
*unknown brand
*lack of reputation
*first home may not provide full range of services
Running Head: Strategic Planning 2
*bringing a new type of assisted living to the area
* educate the lower and middle income families
* build up to more services
*expansion of other facilities
*more established franchise facilities
*lack of established business model
* surrounding competition that offers a more expansive program of services
Brookdale Assisted living offers apartment style living from pricing starting at 550 to 7,000.
They are a well known established facility with a great reputation and they have many
locations through out the Inland Valley making them one of the biggest competitors to World
Class Vineyard Care.
The Gardens Of Riverside is a beautiful assisted living facility with many services that offer
dementia, ambulatory, memory care a very competitive place that is higher in price but
presents a very prestigious facility in the heart of Riverside.
Running Head: Strategic Planning 3
What is your vision for your venture? Review the information from the SWOT analysis and formulate your vision. Your vision should go beyond a single sentence, you want to have detail and specifics when laying out your vision for your company.
The vision of World Class Vineyard Care is to give affordable care to those who might not
otherwise be able to find excellent and quality care for their aging loved ones. We want to
keep the business model in an at home facility environment with the hope of expansion to
more houses all over the region in the Inland Valley. Within two to five years we hope to
open other facilities across the country.
Mission Statement
Describe the purpose of your company. This is different from the vision of your company in that the vision focuses on strategy and the mission outlines what your company is about.
Our mission at World Class Vineyard Care is to provide compassionate and professional care
to families and loved ones in a warm home atmosphere.
Running Head: Strategic Planning 4
Organizational Values
What are the values of your company? Even if you are the only employee right now, you still want to be able to articulate the values you hold for your venture
The first value the company will uphold is integrity it is an important first value as the business
needs to operate with integrity. The second would be trustworthiness this value is essential to
the customer in this case each patient and their families that they trust how we are taking care of
their loved one. Lastly, the value of honesty because running a care facility has a lot of
responsibilities, at times medicines and basics that others might not seem important, are
important. If a medication isn’t given at the right time or a check in with a patient is not properly
documented right all important to the business and the brand itself.
In conclusion a strategic plan is essential to the over all health of how the company begins and
grows as a business. Knowing the competition and doing research to create a solid business plan
that addresses the needs of the potential customer is a wise and strategic move to give some
stabilizing roots to a new venture. The strategic plan is a snap shot to the eventual business plan
that will be even more detailed.
Nye, K.A. (2019, May 31). Strategic planning for small business: How to get results