Week 7 Discussion Forum The goal of this week’s discussion is to

Week 7 Discussion Forum
The goal of this week’s discussion is to get you thinking about the neighborhood where you grew up, and to reflect on how it shaped your opportunities and your life outcomes.
First, describe the neighborhood where you spent most of your youth. Then, tell us to what extent your neighborhood and community influenced where you are today.
Try to work in references to topics covered in lecture this week, such as spatial inequality, racial segregation, class inequality, neighborhood institutions, and local practices.
1. 200-word original response to the prompt.
2. At least one 100-word reply to another student’s original post.
I grew up in a predominantly Hispanic/Latino community located adjacent to East Los Angeles, known as the city of Montebello. The area consists of working-class families who were close-knit and rooted in the community. Poverty and crime rates had been relatively low for the majority of my life there but they may have increased in recent years seeing as there are more homeless people inhabiting the area than ever before. For the majority of my life though, I remember being surrounded by peers of the same ethnicity and having friends whose parents immigrated to the U.S. for new opportunities. One defining moment that made me conscious of class inequalities in my neighborhood, was when I befriended a girl in my twelfth grade English class who was known to be very smart and well-liked amongst peers and teachers. She seemed ambitious and academically-inclined to the point where she was acing all of her classes with ease and would likely excel at anything she did. It wasn’t until we were applying for colleges, however, that she told me that she wouldn’t be applying to any universities or junior colleges due to her parents being immigrants from Mexico and her likely not being eligible for financial aid. This revelation from my friend was saddening and made me realize how fortunate I was to attend college with the support of my parents. In hindsight, I realized that my friend was faced with socioeconomical barriers that prevented her from attending college and this gave me a new perspective on class inequalities that were occurring around me at the time.