Week 7 dq 2 response 3 & 4 Good morning class, One

Week 7 dq 2 response 3 & 4
Good morning class,
One topic we are looking at is domestic violence. Knowing the reasons listed in your textbook that explain why partnered women often stay in a violent relationship, what do you think explains why some types of women are more likely to be in abusive relationships than others?
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An abuser often denies the existence or minimizes the seriousness of the violence and its effect on the victim and other family members. An abuser externalizes the causes of their behavior. They blame their violence on circumstances such as stress, they’re partner’s behavior, a “bad day,” on alcohol, drugs, or other factors etc (NCADV). Some challenges a practitioner may have dealing with this population is they can be very angry and violent. Another challenge will be getting the whole truth of out them, they tend to hold back information. I would like to work with survivors of assault, because I can relate and give then the proper encouragement and resources to create and live life after the trauma. I would like to start my own domestic violence shelter for Women and Children. They will receive counseling, resources and tools for jobs, housing and proper defense from their abuser.
Michaiah H.
(NCADV), Signs of abuse, https://ncadv.org/signs-of-abuse