WEEK 8 FINAL PROJECT ASSIGNMENT Assignment: Summary Briefly summarize your project: How

Briefly summarize your project:
How was the assessment completed? 
Who was your target audience
And how many were in the audience?
What was your topic?
How did you determine what your topic should be (justification)?
When and where did you present the community education project?
Who gave you permission to present at the location
Was the permission form completed?
How did you advertise your presentation?
What educational materials did you use or provide to the audience? 
Explain how you would evaluate whether the efforts to improve the health concern were effective.
Include in your explanation the tools you might use to do this evaluation.
Also, critically appraise your performance of the activity/project for this population.
How did the population respond?
What aspects were you most satisfied/least satisfied with?
What went well (at least 3 things)?
What changes would you make in the future (at least 2 things)? 
For nurses, reflection is integral to higher-level thinking. You should be able to critically analyze scenarios and possible outcomes as opposed to simply asking the right questions. Acute perception of the entire situation will be obtained because you are open to dealing with the contradictions that may challenge your initial bias. Reflect on how your perspective of the community’s health and the national, state, and local efforts toward a healthier population has changed as a result of your fieldwork.
Discuss the health of the target community population compared to national, state, local health findings.
Discuss how the interventions used would impact at the local, state, and national level (include information on your chosen Healthy People 2020 goals).
Finally, what impact did your project have on your target population?
Please submit a recorded presentation of between 7 and 9 minutes that is a reflection of the project based on a full representation of all three parts above. You may video yourself discussing the project or you may create a PowerPoint presentation and record your voice to the presentation
The presentation should include at least two scholarly sources not more than 5 years other than provided materials. 
Some ideas for some of part 1 questions that might help (Summary)
Project is: STD’s amongst the adolescents
Target audience: Adolescents 15 – 21 years
Number: About 50 adolescents at the presentation
Permission by: Site Manager, Eastern Henrico county recreation center
Permission form was completed and granted
Site for project presentation: Eastern Henrico county recreation center
Advertise: Word of mouth, social media, flyers etc
Educational materials used: Poster boards, flyers. No PowerPoint presentation used
I will prefer PowerPoint presentation for this assignment and I will do the voice recording.
12 slides for this assignment: 1 slide for the reference and 11 for the contents (summary, evaluation & conclusion). I will add the title slide myself.