Weekly Application 9 – 07222021 A day in the life of the

Weekly Application 9 – 07222021
A day in the life of the life of a pandemic
What does a day in the life of COVID-19 look like in our families and our relationships.
For this weekly assignment, I want you to examine a single day by exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic has/is impacting you, your family, and your relationships. Even as more and more people are vaccinated and, as a society, we return to greater levels of interaction, you may experience or notice changes to the ways in which people navigate their environment and their relationships. To get started, pick one day this week to use for your analysis. You may plan ahead or you may use a day that’s already passed. In either case, make some notes during the day or reflect back on the day’s news and events related to the pandemic and your interactions and observations. Examine how your life was impacted by the pandemic and compose a 1 – 2 page reflection that incorporates at least 3 of the following broad sociological concepts:
Family and how it’s defined for you.
Sociological Perspectives – Conflict Theory, Functionalism, Feminist/Queer Theory, or Symbolic Interactionism.
Relationship Trends – single-hood, single/solo parenting, blended families, or mate selection
The Work of Family and Household Divisions of Labor
The Life Course of Family
Challenges in Families – domestic/intimate partner violence, elder care/abuse, divorce, child custody, or other challenges
In your application, please highlight or underline key sociological concepts and include links to any news or journal sources you may have used.