Weekly Reflection 10 – 07262021 In my life social movements from the

Weekly Reflection 10 – 07262021
In my life social movements from the 1960’s and 1970’s made the greatest impressions on me. Environmental movements, like the University of Michigan 1970 Environmental Teach-in (Links to an external site.) impacted my awareness as I went on to work with WV-PIRG (Links to an external site.) and then Senator Robert Byrd in the early 1980’s to advocate for the creation of West Virginia’s Cranberry Wilderness (Links to an external site.).
Today, there are many national and international social movements, from anti-smoking/vaping to expanding health care to inequality to climate change, and there are localized social movements directed at local concerns like property taxes, school boards, landfills, and zoning.
There are 2 parts to this reflection:
1) Describe the social movements that have impressed you and made an impact on your consciousness, your awareness. You can think broadly here as social movements (or collective behavior) include some fads and fashions like Goth or punk or hiphop or gaming subcultures. When describing the social movements that have made impressions on you, consider the ideology behind the movement – was this something that you were aware of or were you more impressed by the movement outcomes or fads? Also, tell me if you think the social movements are regressive or progressive and the theory of social change that best describes how the movement began and who joins the movement.
2) Briefly describe the career you’re interested in pursuing and explain how you can be an agent of social change in this work. Or, if your future career doesn’t lend itself (in your opinion) to social change, how do you envision being an agent of social change in the future.
Remember, for Reflection Assignments, I will expect you to apply specific course concepts, themes, theories, or ideas into your responses. These concepts must be either  italicized  or bolded  and I expect you to include a citation list ( APA style ) for each submission. When using information learned in our course readings, in-text citations will not be needed. However, I will expect you to refer to the author or the text in which you are using information. When using outside sources, I will expect you to cite the source. In general, outside sources are not necessary, especially if you’re writing about an opinion – be sure this is clear. Please differentiate between your opinion and an idea or concept supported by research or data.
Ferris, K & Stein, J. (2020). The real world: an introduction to sociology (7th ed.). New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.